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Daniel JayΒ 

A wedding photographer

By now you would have picked up that my name is Daniel and I photograph weddings for a living but that’s about it. So let me tell you a little more.

I have been an avid photographer for over 10 years now. What started as a hobby soon turned into a career and I have spent the past 3 years travelling the World taking pictures with my fiancΓ©, Tegan. When we aren’t shooting weddings, you’ll find us out in the surf or watching the sunset from the boardwalk at Mount Coolum where we live.

In the past 6 months alone I have photographed over 30 weddings, with extremely happy customers. Your wedding is going to be one of the best days of your life so finding a high quality, trustworthy photographer is crucial.

Take a look through my portfolio to get an idea and feel for the way I will be documenting your special day. Capturing organic, candid moments is what I do best so don’t delay, send me an email today.